Holcomb School District wants unused hygiene products from your next summer trip

Holcomb School District wants unused hygiene products from your next summer trip

HOLCOMB, MO (KFVS) - A Holcomb counselor is asking you to gather up some of your un-used hotel hygiene products on your next summer vacation.

Holcomb Counselor Emily Heuring said she put out a Facebook post to the community about a need for the school to have hygiene products available for students that are in need.

She said she didn't know the power of social media until she got a large response from the community wanting to help.

"Hey you know if you go on vacation and you have some of those extra items available we could definitely use them at our school and it just grew," Heuring said. "We were contacted by businesses, by friends, by neighbors, and just people wanted to help, wanted to support our school district, I'm just kind of overwhelmed by the blessing of what this school program has been for our kids."

Betsy Washburn said she dropped off some hygiene items from her most recent trips.

"It was a bag full of the last two trips I had taken, I had just grabbed these and had been collecting."

Washburn said before becoming a teacher she didn't realize there was a need for items like this.

"You see the needs day-in and day-out of these kids, and it's not that the families aren't trying to their best, their trying to do their best and in the life that we live in and sometimes what we get there isn't enough to spread out."

Pharmacy Technician Holli Carr says the business she works at, SEMO Drug, is trying to raise hygiene items for the school.

She said teachers in small towns think of their students as one of their own.

"They say you know 'my kids at school' too as in referring to their own kids, and I love that, you find that most in small towns with teachers that love their kids."

Washburn said she encourages others to keep in mind doing the same thing on their next trip.

"Take those simple toiletry items, out of my hotel room that I'm already going to be staying in…it's nothing, it's nothing, and I would go and encourage others to go out and do the same thing."

Heuring hopes by the end of summer she will have enough hygiene products to give to kids the necessities they need to be successful in the classroom throughout the year.

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