How to update your privacy settings to opt out of targeted Facebook ads

Customizing your Facebook ads

(KFVS) - New changes to the way Facbeook handles advertising means your data is automatically used to sell ads.

That is because Facebook is now selling ads to everyone on every platform, not just on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

It started at the end of May when the tech-giant announced it was expanding its Audience Network.

Online Facebook explained:

"... we introduced Facebook Audience Network two years ago to help publishers and developers support their services by showing relevant, high quality ads to people who visit their websites and apps. But in the past, we've only shown ads in these places to people who have Facebook accounts. Today, we're expanding Audience Network so publishers and developers can show better ads to everyone – including those who don't use or aren't connected to Facebook."

Essentially, the change allows advertisers to buy ads through Facebook. Those ads will pop up on all sorts of places including other apps.

That means everyone can see the ads, not just those with a Facebook account..

The problem: your ad preferences are being used unless you opt out.

It is really easy to change your settings.

Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Go to account settings
    On your desktop, click the lock in the top-right corner of your screen and select "See More Settings."If you're using an Android or Apple device click on the three-bar icon and scroll until you see Account Settings.
  2. Click on Ads
    To see all your ad preferences click Ads.
    If you're on a desktop computer, it might say Adverts.
  3. Change your preferences as you wish.
    You can change any of these to "yes" or "no".
    The option that you are automatically signed up for is under the question "Can your Facebook ad preferences be used to show you ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies?"

Of course, you will still be advertised too, that's not going to change.

By selecting no, you will still see ads, but they won't be as relevant to you.

You can take control of what ads are being shown on your profile. Here's how:

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