Man travels through Heartland by horse in honor of his son, veterans

Man travels through Heartland by horse in honor of son, veterans

DEXTER, KY (KFVS) - One man is riding horseback from Kentucky to Colorado to help raise awareness on why it's important to respect all veterans, those who served their country both abroad and here at home.

Tom Witten is from Garrison, Kentucky and said he is on a mission to help people understand why all veterans should be receiving the same treatment no matter where or how they served their country.

"I've heard stories many times from different veterans, even from right here in this town also," Witten said. "They don't get treated the way they should get treated. And I think they should all get treated equal. Even the ones that didn't go to war they was also standing by."

Witten was in Dexter, Missouri taking a breather from his trip, which is taking him from Garrison, Kentucky to Garrison, Colorado.

Witten said he strongly feels all veterans should get the same respect no matter if they served their country in battle or here at home.

"If they didn't go to war and fight for us, that war could've been right here in the United States and there's a lot of us that probably wouldn't be standing because the war would have been here," Witten said. "If our dads and grandpas, grandmas and moms would have been killed in the war, we wouldn't be here right now."

He said he chose to ride a horse he just trained and has been hitting the pavement traveling several hours a day.

Witten said he is also making this trip in honor of his son, who was tragically killed in a four-wheeler accident last year.

"He was wanting to go do this trip with me and got killed last year with a four-wheeler so that's the reason I'm doing it in honor of him," Witten said.

His son had leukemia and he also hopes to raise awareness about this illness and the treatment options that exist to help others.

Witten estimates he will reach Colorado by September, completing his mission.

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