A Place to Call Home: Alex's story

A Place to Call Home: Alex's story

(KFVS) - If you are looking for an adventure, Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park in Reynolds County is the place to be.

Fifteen-year-old Alex has some physical limitations, and you might think the rocky landscape would be too adventurous for him.

However, he didn't let that stop him. Even after a few tumbles in the rocks, Alex was still ready for fun.

He's very imaginative. Whether it's pretending he's a super hero here to save the world, or just enjoying searching for the perfect stone.

"To me, he's just a happy boy," said Melissa Horton.

Melissa Horton and Shelia Gill are Alex's providers.

He lives in a group home where he is cared for around the clock.

Alex started in foster care at an early age.

"Sometimes I have my good days and sometimes I have bad days," said Alex.

He misses having a family.

Living with his biological family is no longer an option, and he needs a permanent place where he can feel safe and loved.

"When I have a family, they tuck me in bed at night," said Alex.

He wants someone to tuck him in again, and tell him bedtime stories.

Alex has special needs, and a family interested in adopting him will need to consider the care he will require.

"I would say a lot of patience, a regular routine is very important to him," said Shelia Gill.

Alex loves learning about nature. He really wants a pet turtle.

"[I'd like] two or three, or maybe a snake," said Alex.

He said he would even be willing to catch the snake himself.

He's brave, and loving too.

"[He's] very happy, can make anyone smile," said Melissa Horton. "He can turn a bad day into a good day. He's a very cheerful, happy boy."

To find out more about Alex, or the other children we have featured you can call, 800-554-2222.

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