Southern IL group tries to save favorite Girl Scout camp

Southern IL group trying to save favorite Girl Scout camp

MAKANDA, IL (KFVS) - It is where memories are made, and now it is scheduled to close.

One group from southern Illinois has been desperately trying to save its favorite Girl Scout campground.

Campers who spent many days out at Camp Cedar Point in Makanda, Ill. said it's a spot they've gone to for generations.

"It hurt, it hurt a lot, not only for me, personally, but also knowing that it wasn't a place where where my daughter was going to get to go year, after year, and have the same experience as me," Girl Scout volunteer Lyndal Kosmatka said.

Kosmatka grew up spending a lot of time at Camp Cedar Point, and hoped her daughter would follow in her footsteps.

"'Is Cedar Point in any danger of closing?' and we were told 'no,'" Kosmatka said. "That Cedar Point was one of the camps that would be fine."

Now, the camp is on the chopping block.

"Even as far as, there was a group of girls who wanted to do a good turn for the camp, and go out and do some volunteer work," Kosmatka said. "They went out and spent their troop money, their cookie money, that they had earned, and painted signs, and re-did a few of the signs. The very next week after that was done, the announcement came out that they were closing the camp."

"We really did go into this process with an open mind open slate, whichever way it falls." Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois CEO Villie Appoo said.

Appoo said the cuts were based on a business decision.

If you want to see more details on how the decision was made, you can click on the "Update-8/12/15."

"There aren't enough going there, so if you look at it from a business point of view and you see well the occupancy at these camps is about 10 percent to 30 percent, that's not good, you can't run a business if it's only 30 percent."

The Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois provided records showing property usage at each camp over the past four years.

According to Appoo, the decisions came from low usage by troop scouts and other factors.

"The revenue wasn't being generated, and we need to focus on three others," Appoo said.

But, the camp means more than just business to the families that use it.

"This person has I've watched her grow, and develop, year after year, because I've been back also. I've watched her grow from a very shy little girl, wasn't always the first to makes friends, always kind of follow the group, she now leads groups," Kosmatka said.

She said there is a strong support to continue to run the grounds no matter the outcome.

"We will not be able to fundraise as Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts can't do the fundraising, however, there is a group 'Friends of Camp Cedar Point' who is going to get the fundraising done."

Which could mean memories, for families, for years to come.

To help, you can email:

The camp lease is set to close in November 10, 2016.

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