Jackson, MO dad relieved son is safe after South Pole rescue mission

Jackson, MO man says son part of crew working in Antartica

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - A Jackson, Missouri dad received chilling news earlier in June, crews planned a rare rescue mission in the South Pole, close to where his son was working.

Kevin Lindman said his son, William, loves the cold, so he decided to become a water technician in the South Pole.

"He doesn't complain about it and he likes it," Lindham said. "He always liked adventures."

With frigid temperatures in the middle of the winter season there, it wasn't long before some crew members got sick.

"We're just thankful that he was okay," he said. "We also said prayers for the families and individuals that were sick."

The rare mission, only completed two times in the last decade, called for all hands on deck.

"It's taken a team of a huge number of people," British Antarctic Survey spokesperson Tim Stockings said. "Operating in some really challenging environment to deliver a successful mission."

The heroic rescue led to special recognition from the President.

Lindman said though he's happy everyone is safe, he doesn't plan on visiting his son any time soon.

"Just doing it by phone and email," Lindman said. "The first thing I said was don't expect us to visit!"

The two crew members arrived in Chile on Wednesday, June 22 and are now receiving proper medical attention.

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