Hot temps mean melted messes in your car

Summer heat can cause quite a mess in your car
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - In this heat you know vehicles get hot. Kids and pets obviously shouldn't be left inside, but what happens when you leave objects in a hot car all day?

Well, things melt and they melt pretty quickly.

Josh Jones, the supervisor at Teen Challenge Car Wash in Cape Girardeau, deals with tons of things stuck to carpets in cars.

"We see everything," said Jones. "Actually, this is the only job I can say that nothing surprises me. Anything that can be melted into a car it's gonna be in there"

So in the heat we left chocolate, red lipstick, jelly beans, crayons and even a soda can in the back of a dark car to see what would happen.

Jones had his thoughts on what would be the hardest to clean up.

"Probably the lipstick just because the lipstick color will stain the carpet," said Jones. "You know chocolate you can get out, you can rub out. The lipstick you'll have to get carpet cleaner to get the stain out."

Temperatures inside the car reached 140 degrees and turned the chocolate and lipstick into a puddle. However, the soda was untouched

"The soda will take a couple days to explode unless it's in direct sunlight," he said.

The Jellybeans also looked the same as when they were put in. 
"Unless it gets really hot it has to be crushed for the inside to melt because the outside will get a little mushy but it won't actually melt," Jones explained.

If you do find yourself with something melted to your car's carpet, Jones said acting fast is key.

"As soon as you see it as soon as you recognize it, get it out," he said. "You can get any type of carpet cleaner, you don't have to go to a detail shop and get carpet cleaner"

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