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3 gym-free exercises to sculpt your gluts

Source: KFVS (feet elevated glut press) Source: KFVS (feet elevated glut press)
Source: KFVS (pretzel kick) Source: KFVS (pretzel kick)
Source: KFVS (reaching lunge) Source: KFVS (reaching lunge)

You don't need gym equipment to have a sculpted backside.
Fitness Trainer Tamatha Crowson shares her three favorite gym-free glut shaping exercises that will help you get the results you want.
1.    Feet elevated glut press: For this exercise, you will need something to elevate your heels like a chair, couch, or even a park bench.  Crowson says be creative.  This exercise is done lying on your back with your knees over your hips.

“I'm going to lift my hips up and then from here take one leg and bring it up off the bench, hold it here, and press your hips down and back up,” said Crowson. “If it's too advanced, you can do it with both heals on the bench.  Either way is fine, but you'll definitely feel the intensity if you use one leg.”

2.    Pretzel kicks:  This exercise also done on the ground sitting with one leg bent to the front and the other bent back making a “Z”. 

“You’re going to take your outside leg, you’re going to lift it, and then extend the knee out, in, down,” said Crowson. “If this is too intense, you can just leave the kick out.  You can just lift which certainly work you plenty hard.”

3.    Reaching lunge:  “This one you're going to take your hands forward and as you step forward you're going to reach towards the ground (in a lunge position),” said Crowson. “So nice big step forward reach and then push back.”

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