25 Weeks - Last minute surgery, Hand Foot and Mouth disease AND pacifier weaning

25 Weeks - Last minute surgery, Hand Foot and Mouth disease AND pacifier weaning

Week 25 – Last minute surgery, Hand Foot and Mouth disease AND pacifier weaning

Week 25 is actually all about week 24.  I don’t even know if I spent one moment thinking about my pregnancy last week because it was all about my oldest baby!  Monday she came down with a high fever and I immediately called my ENT doctor.  Vivian had tubes put in February, but over the last month she started getting ear infections again and the tube in her right ear started to get shoved out of place due to the pressure and fluid.  We figured set of tubes #2 were inevitable, but we were trying to put it off as long as we could keep her healthy.  Well that didn’t last long.  Apparently, 20 percent of kids need another set of tubes, and she falls into that percentage.  After check in with the doctor, we were scheduled for more tubes bright and early Tuesday.  Maybe it was best that it happened so quickly, because I think I had less time to freak out about it this time.  Don’t get me wrong…it was still awful.  Seeing a little IV in your 20 month old is terrible and handing your baby over to the doctors is still the WORST feeling I have ever felt in motherhood.  The second worst is trying to console an inconsolable child while they come out of anesthesia.  I cried, it was awful, but luckily surgery went well and I’m just hoping and praying that these tubes do what they need to do!

So, Tuesday Vivian would only eat a smoothie.  I didn’t really think much of it because I’m sure she was in a little pain from surgery.  Day 2 she would only eat a smoothie again and she was drooling like CRAZY.  She would try to eat other things but then would start screaming and crying like something was hurting her.  Now I was starting to wonder if something else was going on with her.  Is she not healing correctly?  Is she getting her two year molars?  Does she have a cavity?  Can she even have a cavity so young?  Literally, a million thoughts were going through my brain.  On top of everything she also was not sleeping.  I started wondering if she had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.  I remembered one of my friends going through it last year with her son.  I decided to check in with my ENT doctor just to make sure it wasn’t something with her recovery.  He mentioned that they did see a sore under her mouth during surgery.  Boom!!!  There was our answer!  I could only find two teeny tiny blisters on her feet, nothing on her hands, and obviously her mouth was REALLY hurting.  She did have a little rash on her bum, which I think was related too.  About a day later a few more blisters popped up on her feet, but those never seemed to bother her.  The blisters in her mouth were the BIG problem.  Poor thing was so hungry but eating ended up terrifying her because it hurt so badly!  Also, she couldn’t sleep A) because of the pain and B) because she couldn’t suck on her pacifier.  She would hand me her pacifier and say “help, help”.  It was her plea to make her pacifier stop hurting her mouth.  Ugh…break my heart!!!  So, we made the decision to take the pacifiers out of her crib.  She couldn’t use them anyways so it was worth a shot to wean her from them!  I’m likely to cave at any moment…but it’s been days and she actually hasn’t asked for them.  It is taking her WAY longer to fall asleep at night, but I’m optimistic that she’ll get the hang of it!  I’m so glad she’s back to normal now though!  I think we had a fairly mild case of H, F and M but that combined with recovery from a surgery made for a long, painful week for everyone.

Oh, that reminds me.  I lied…I did actually think about pregnancy many times this week.  With Vivian barely sleeping for several nights in a row that meant me getting in and out of bed A LOT.  Round ligament pain is in full effect right now so EVERY TIME I crawled out of bed it was a real reminder that indeed I was pregnant.  Oh, those first few steps are so painful!  Vivian slept all night last night though, so week 25 is already so much better than week 24!

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