Demolition of Old Eggners Ferry Bridge to pick back up

Demolition of Old Eggners Ferry Bridge to pick back up

AURORA, KY (KFVS) - Demolition of the Old Eggners Ferry Bridge over Kentucky Lake near Aurora is expected to pick back up.

It will kick off as early as Monday afternoon, June 20 with saw cutting of the concrete decking. This will remove the concrete deck from the 85-year-old structure.

"We anticipate a cutting crew will start work during the afternoon on Monday to be followed within a few days by a night crew removing the cut sections," said KYTC District 1 Chief Engineer Mike McGregor. "The deck removal process is expected to take about two to four weeks to complete."

McGregor said the contractor intends to maintain the deck removal work around the clock.

Once complete, spans "A" and "F" at each end of the bridge will be lifted from the piers by cranes and placed on barges for disassembly.

The shorter spans are partially over land and are better suited for lifting by cranes. The remaining steel truss spans will be dropped into the lake with the use of explosives, then retrieved for recycling.

"Our best estimate is that the explosive demolition would be in late-July or early-August," McGregor said. "Our contractor has notified the Coast Guard of this tentative schedule so they can alert the towing industry."

Due to an offset of the navigation channel between structures, the U.S. Coast Guard has requested that the main spans of the old bridge structure be removed as quickly as possible.

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