Don’t Get Burned with Your AC This Summer

Don’t Get Burned with Your AC This Summer

With summer officially kicking off today, AC units will be working overtime. Here are tips to consider so you don't lose your cool or your money.

According to the National Weather Service, most of the country may see a long, hot summer with above normal temperatures. That means your air conditioning system will be under pressure. Calls for service often increase as the summer goes on and unscrupulous contractors may take advantage of people who are not HVAC experts.

  • Freon

If you have a technician tell you that your system needs Freon, it could be a warning sign. AC units don't need Freon, unless it was short charged to start with, or you have a leak.  Leaks don't get better with time. If Freon is leaking from your system, your efficiency is deteriorating and your energy costs are escalating. Ask the contractor to validate with an electronic leak search where the leak is and fix it.  Putting in Freon alone will not solve your problem.

  • New lubricants and sealants

Some companies are offering lubricants or refrigerant sealant to improve your system performance. These usually come with inflated claims.  Ask your contractor to restore and maintain your system to factory standards, that's how it was engineered to run at peak efficiency.

  • Discount tune-ups

A national survey conducted by One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, found only about half of U.S. homeowners had their HVAC systems maintained within the last 12 months. Getting a tune-up of your AC system at the start of summer is a great idea. Properly performed maintenance can extend the useful product life of your HVAC system and can help reduce the frequency and severity of repairs. Companies that offer deep discounts for this service may be short changing you. A trusted and trained technician can clean and inspect your unit, coils, drain pans and make sure your unit is operating at peak efficiency.

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