Community unites to honor all fathers past and present

Several gather in Malden, MO to remember their fathers on Father's Day

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - An event was held at the Martin Luther King Park in Malden, Missouri on Sunday to honor fathers.

This event honored all fathers, past and present, who helped make an impact in their loved one's life.

About 75 came out to the event and several came on stage to talk about what their father meant to them and how they have helped impact their child's life for the better.

One father we spoke with said the word "father" has more meaning to it than from just a biological standpoint.

Antiwaan Smoot said a father is one that takes care of children and teaches them regardless if they are legally their dad.

"It feels great to be another father as in teaching them what a father is about," Smoot said. "I'm not the one to actually give them everything they want but I am the person to teach them what is right and what's wrong."

Smoot said he didn't have a father growing up and took him 27 years to meet him. However, Smoot said what he didn't get from his biological father, he got from other guardians and tries to take care of his six kids the best he can.

"A lot of people can't say they had a father figure. Like me, raising up not having a father in my life," Smoot said. "The kids around here has a father."

Greg Killabrew, president of Positive Brotherhood, said it's about making the next generation better and feel it's a community effort as well.

Balloons were also released in honor of those fathers that died from cancer, strokes, heart attacks, cirrhosis of liver, natural causes and one for recovery awareness.

"The ones that have passed like my father and some of the other fathers that I know from this neighborhood, they have helped us along the way," Killabrew said. "They have mentored us. They have tried to steer us in the right direction. So it's best to give back to your community so I want to give them some respect too."

Leonard Parchell of Malden said it's important we remember those fathers that aren't here anymore that helped guide their children.

"To show that we still remember. They ain't forgotten," Parchell said. "We know they still watching over us and looking down on us. And hopefully they are smiling at the things we are doing and the things we're trying to accomplish out here in this neighborhood."

This event was hosted by the Positive Brother's which also honored mothers with a Mother's Day event earlier this year.

The Positive Brotherhood organization formed to first help curb violence after violent attacks and homicides in the Heartland that occurred in the last year.

Positive Brotherhood organized to share and provide levels of manhood through positive role modeling and those whom have had challenging life events.

Father's Day slideshow
Father's Day slideshow

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