3 facing charges in connection to Madison Co., MO rape investigation

2 others arrested in connection with rape in Madison Co., MO
Lisa Abney (Source: Madison County Sheriff's Office)
Lisa Abney (Source: Madison County Sheriff's Office)
Jenny Isom (Source: Madison County Sheriff's Office)
Jenny Isom (Source: Madison County Sheriff's Office)
Joseph Helms (Source: Madison County Sheriff's Office)
Joseph Helms (Source: Madison County Sheriff's Office)

MADISON COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Two more people have been arrested in connection with an alleged rape in Madison County, Missouri that occurred last month.

Joseph Helm, 49, was initially arrested on May 30 after authorities received a report of him raping a girl.

Helm allegedly confessed to the rape and stated that in his mind he was doing the right thing.

According to the Madison County sheriff, Lisa Abney, 48, has also been arrested after allegedly trying to hire someone to murder the victim after she reported the assault to police.

Abney allegedly met with a man and asked if he knew of a person that could take care of the girl. She then made arrangements to meet with that man for further planning.

When Abney met with the man on June 11, authorities say she made statements, while being recorded, that she wanted the victim to be "done in," which she later explained in a recorded interview that "done in" meant to have the victim killed.

Abney allegedly said she did not care how it happened and allegedly said she would pay $500 when she received her welfare check.

Abney also agreed to search Helm's residence for a firearm to be used in the crime.

The man, Phillip Lawler, reached out to us. He said after he was contacted by Abney, he immediately called the sheriff's department and they set up a meeting with him, a deputy and highway patrol.

During an interview on June 12, Abney allegedly said the reason she contacted the man was because she was mad and wanted to protect her brother.

Authorities say she agreed that her intentions were to hire a person to kill the victim.

Jenny Isom, 44, was arrested in connection with the incident.

Isom allegedly tried to coerce the victim to make a video statement saying she lied to the police about the sexual assault and threatened her, allegedly saying she would also go to jail for other crimes unless she attempted to drop the charges.

Isom allegedly called the girl names and blamed her for Helm being in jail.

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