Perryville skateboarders, city leaders meet to discuss skate park demolition

Perryville skateboarders want answers after demolition of skate park

PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The city of Perryville demolished it's only skate park and left the skateboarding faithful looking for answers.

"There's been blood and sweat shed here since I was eight," Perryville native and frequent skater Justin Perreault said.

Perreault never expected his favorite spot in Perryville would be gone in a matter of days.

"We had no warning," he said.

An excavating crew, already on site for other park demolition, began tearing down The Feltz Street skate park on city order earlier this week.

"Diminishing, it's not how a town should be going about this at all," Perreault said.

City Administrator Brent Buerck said it was a matter or cleaning up the neighborhood.

"The issue was never eliminating skating, the issue was eliminating some of the less desirable behavior going on," Buerck said.

He said frequent fights, alcohol and drugs use by some who misused the park led to growing safety concerns from neighbors.

"We had some people making bad choices," Buerck said.

But Perreault said the people who truly cared about the park tried to protect it.

"We were the ones chasing them off saying 'take that somewhere else, you're the reason people don't think this is a valuable part of this town,'" Perreault said.

Now, led by Perreault and other local park goers, a dedicated group of skaters and city leaders have come together to work together to perhaps get a new park built.

"The plan is not to never bring a skate park back," Buerck said. "The plan is to do it better, to do it right, to do it at a better place to make sure we don't have the same issues we had before."

Perreault said they'll do whatever it takes.

"As long as there's a place for kids to skate."

No timetable is set as to when a new park may be built.

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