Revving engines for Bikers on the Square in Perryville

Perryville preparing for Bikers on the Square
(Source: Jasmine Dell/KFVS)
(Source: Jasmine Dell/KFVS)
(Source: Jasmine Dell/KFVS)
(Source: Jasmine Dell/KFVS)

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Bikers on the Square in Perryville, Missouri is kicking off the weekend with a concert on Friday, June 17 at 6:15 p.m.

Bikers on the square drew about 6,000 people to downtown Perryville last year.

"They're filling up our hotels, our gas stations, our restaurants, we want them to thrive today and in the future,"executive committee member Robynne Duvall said.

She said all of the people coming into town this weekend will be good for local businesses.

"Hopefully they'll come today and think oh my gosh that was a great cheeseburger I had at Mary Janes or that was a great steak I had at 15 West and they'll want to come back another day to see our community,"

As for Carisa Stark owner Owner of Mary Jane Burgers and Brew and Jackson Street Brew Co. weekends like this help her business, not just for the day, but for the entire year.

"We love downtown events it's really nice to bring people into the downtown they get to see our picturesque square and it really builds our business for the entire year long."

For two motorcycle riders from St. Louis, Darrell Farrow and Mike Schneider, it's their first time to the event.

"We go where the bikes go," Darrell Farrow said.

"Great ride, the weather is great it's not humid like the past few days, it's been an enjoyable ride, we're just glad to be here, just a beautiful little town."

Mike Schneider said it's his first time ever being in Perryville, Mo.

"We just come out to have a good time, meet people and enjoy the city," he said.

Assistant Chief of Police Bill Jones said he isn't expecting anything to be different from the previous years when it comes to patrolling, but there will be extra officers just for the event.

"However we can do it, to make it safer for everyone, everyone that's involved, whether it's the people that's involved in the event or whether it's the people in the bordering neighborhood that live in the area," Jones said. "I mean we want to make it safe for everyone."

He said the large amount of people and the recent heat officers will be making sure everyone is staying safe.

"Number one we keep eyes on potentials for problems and that's with any event, with any event that there's a large number of people there's potential for problems," he said.

Jones said last year officers answered more questions about where to go for the event and he said he's fine with whatever is needed for the weekend.

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