Nursing moms call KC Royals' new breastfeeding room a home run

Kansas City Royals add breastfeeding station
(Source: Megan Cancilla/cNews)
(Source: Megan Cancilla/cNews)

KANSAS CITY, MO (KFVS) - When nursing moms go to public events they say it can be hard to find a sanitary, private place to breastfeed.

That is why some are praising the Kansas City Royals for improvements made to the breastfeeding room at Kauffman Stadium.

"Took my 6 month old to the Royals game last night," Megan Cancilla explained. "She was getting a bit over stimulated and very distracted so I took her to the nursing room to feed her... I was so pleased to see they improved it sometime in the last several weeks! There is now a working sink with soap and a mirror, a changing table AND a tv to watch the game! And they finally took the gurney out to use the entirety of the space!"

Cancilla said the previous room at the stadium felt dirty.

"I had gone to a game a few weeks before that and actually spoke with Guest Services because of the conditions," Cancilla said.

Other moms online explained that ballparks with only a family bathroom available for nursing moms were sometimes full of drunk people.

Cancilla said she was very pleased to see the improvements that were made when she went to a Royals game on June 1, a few weeks later.

Heather Owen with the Kansas City Chapter of Breastfeeding USA is on the lookout for businesses doing the same thing.

"We can hopefully have some positive peer pressure among businesses to follow suit," Owen said.

At Busch Stadium, moms have the option to openly breastfeed wherever they are authorized.

"A mother may nurse her child in any public location where she is otherwise authorized to be. If the mother requests private accommodations the mother and child should be escorted to a family restroom or First Aid."

Other ballparks have moved to create a more comfortable room for women in the past few years.

In 2015, The Cincinnati Reds unveiled a new nursing room at the Great American Ball Park.

The 'Mommy Zone' features rocking chairs, changing tables, love seats, a restroom and a sink.

According to WXIX, officials said the idea stemmed from requests of mothers asking for chairs in the woman's bathroom.

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