Conservation agents round up geese in Cape Girardeau for tagging

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Agents from the Missouri Department of Conservation spent part of their day capturing geese in Cape Girardeau.

Remote control boats were used at Capaha Park to bring the birds out of the water.

More than 20 people helped shepherd a number of geese into a caged area so they can be tagged for research.

"It's just a matter of trying to figure out what these local geese are doing," Matt Bowyer, wildlife regional supervisor for the southeast region, said. "We are also trying to find out if these birds are being harvested during the hunting season. Generally, if folks are having issues with geese, we are trying to monitor those populations and just learn more about them, so we can help people better manage the geese in the area."

In addition to banding new geese, agents were also removing bands that were put in place in the past so they could retrieve the recorded data.

Officials say the geese are going through a process where they lose their feathers and are unable to fly for about a month. This makes them easier to catch.

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