Laid off Noranda employees frustrated with lack of staffed resources

Laid off Noranda employees frustrated with lack of staffed resources

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Noranda plans to auction off its aluminum plant in New Madrid County, but hundreds of now laid off workers are having a hard time finding jobs elsewhere.

The Sikeston Career Center has been bustling with Noranda's laid off workers looking for work, but many have found landing a new job isn't easy.

William Kirby worked at Noranda for 17 years and was one of the employees laid off in February.

"I been going through a lot of emotions trying to find work in the Bootheel area," Kirby said.

Since being laid off, Kirby said it's been difficult to find work.

"Over 1200 men and women laid off from Noranda Aluminum," he said. "Not counting the people that's already jobless in the Bootheel area. I'm here today to ask for help!"

When Noranda laid off hundreds of employees in February, Bootheel and state leaders put programs in place to help the workers get back on their feet.

Counselors at the Career Center in Sikeston try to help job seekers, but with so many people coming in and so few people to assist them.

Kirby said they're just not getting the help they need.

"It's not this facility's fault because they don't have the personnel to assist each and every one that come in the door immediate," he said. "It's just we need more people to get this done in a timely manner."

And with bills piling up and cash running low, Kirby said this issue is weighing hard on not only him, but many of his former co-workers as well.

"It's just a big change for everybody in this region," Kirby said. "When you have to take your son and daughter out of curricular activities that they're used to going to and say 'look son or daughter I just can't do this anymore I don't have the means or support to help you anymore, we're going to have to put this off 'til later,' that's bearing on people's hearts!"

Kirby said if something isn't done soon, he plans to go speak with his local lawmakers.

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