Heating & cooling companies seeing spike in calls after high temps

As temps climb, what you should know to maintain your A/C

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - With the heat index pushing 105 degrees in the next few days, now is not the time for your air conditioning to go out.

However, Owner of Flori Heating and Cooling said so many homeowners are starting their A/C just to find out – it's not working.

As the temperatures begin to rise, more calls are coming into Flori Heating and Cooling for some immediate help.

Office Manager Deena White said the waiting list is getting longer and longer.

"Ringing off the hook the phone has been crazy," White said. "[Its] been pushing people off two or three days at a time some of them are even next week."

Although Don Rice is the owner, around this time of year, his 16-man staff are running non-stop, so he has to grab his materials and help out.

He said during his 30 year career, he sees homeowners make the same mistakes

"The biggest thing is out of sight, out of mind," Rice said. "If your house is cool, and it's not on the agenda, we just kind of forget about it."

Rice said homeowners may get a rude awakening and find out some problems will require a call to a technician.

"Probably one of the common air condition problems would be the coil and then your capacitor," he said. "But all of that can usually be prevented."

Rice said there's simple maintenance practices you can do without a technician.

The first, clean your A/C unit with water. Doing this will help with air circulation going into your unit and coming out in your home.

Also, opening up all your air vents; and if that doesn't work, clean your air filter.

“In the summer time we look at them to be changed once a month," Rice said. "The units run a lot more, every five minutes that your unit is running and moving air through the home, all the air in your home has been filtered. My question to you is 'do you want your air going this this filter or a clean filter?'”

Rice also said getting a yearly maintenance plan could also save you a lot of trouble as well.

To contact Flori, click here.

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