Annie LeGere law would allow IL police to administer EpiPen

Annie LeGere law would allow IL police to administer EpiPen

ZEIGLER, IL (KFVS) - Illinois lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow police officers to carry and administer epinephrine injection pens.

The life-saving EpiPen is injected when a person goes into an allergic shock.

Chief Ben Burkhamer, with the Zeigler Police Department, said it's a great idea.

"Life preservation is at the top of our list," Burkhamer said.

The bill is named after 13-year-old Annie LeGere from the Chicago suburbs, who died of allergic shock while at a sleepover. Her parents are now championing the bill that could equip police officers with the life saving drug.

"I don't disagree to wanting to respond to help people," Burkahamer said.

The more-than-10-year police veteran said it could be difficult for small departments to afford the equipment, training and assumption of liability to make it happen.

"But the inherent problem with that is, now you have to have officers that are medically trained," Burkhamer said.

The bill has been sent to the governor's office to be signed

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