No longer a choice: Facebook users to be required to download Messenger

Facebook forces message app

(KFVS) - Starting soon, everyone will have to download Facebook's Messenger app whether you like it or not.

Some viewers in the Heartland who use Android phones say they can no longer access their private messages through a mobile browser.

Facebook confirms that is because they are removing the message capability from its mobile web application because Messenger "will provide them with a better, faster, richer experiences."

Users were notified with a pop-up message that they will have to get the Messenger app to view and respond to messages.

At this point, it appears the function still works on iPhones. Facebook says it will continue to roll out the change over the summer and will include iOS users.

A spokesperson from Messenger put it this way:

"At Messenger, we always want to bring the delightful experiences to our users around the world. Nearly two years ago, that journey included moving messages out of the Facebook app and to the Messenger app. Since then, we've worked hard to make Messenger the best way to connect with the people you care about by adding features such as video calling, conversations with businesses, GIFs and much more. Using the Messenger app is faster, for instance this helps messages load about 20% faster and enables richer interactions. We're continuing to bring the best experiences we can to the 900 million people on Messenger. "

Facebook announced in 2014 it would be making the transition to the Messenger.

Since then, Messenger has grown from 200 million to more than 900 million monthly active people.

Facebook says Messenger is a much better experience than messaging via mobile Facebook mainly because of a larger variety of expression options and they say its a timelier way to receive your messages.

Furthermore, users on the mobile site won't always receive notifications when they have a new message.

But people who use Messenger will receive those notifications.

Critics say they aren't a fan of being required to download another app. Users also wonder whether Messenger is secure.

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