Scammers target Broadway hype

Scammers target Broadway hype

(KFVS) - If you're planning a trip to see a Broadway musical, you may get scammed if you aren't careful.

Interest in Broadway musicals in the Heartland has peaked after the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" won 11 Tony Awards on Sunday, June 12, including Best Musical.

"It's finally attracting people that wouldn't normally go into the theater," Jackson County Stage Company Actress Virginia Parkinson said." Whether it's because some people believe it's something white people do, or something old people do, it's finally breaking down those walls and getting people interested in theater."

The Company held a rehearsal for 'the Taste of Sunrise' on Monday, a bi-lingual play based on the small town of Ware, Illinois.

Details on the play can be found here.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently released a consumer alert claiming some would-be audience members buying tickets for "Hamilton" and "Aladdin" may be getting scammed.

"Speculative tickets are being offered for sale on ticket sales websites, even though the sellers or resellers do not possess the tickets. Sellers anticipate they will get the tickets in the future, which they then sell to consumers oftentimes at a high mark-up. As a result, consumers can find themselves paying higher prices for what turn out to be undesirable seats or even counterfeit tickets," Madigan said. "Websites claiming to offer advance tickets before they are available to the public should stand out as a red flag."

Tickets for Hamilton in Chicago go on sale Tuesday, June 21 at 10 a.m.

It was recently announced the show will play in the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri, although when tickets will officially go on sale has not yet been decided.

Madigan also offered the following advice:

  • Find out when tickets for the show or event will “officially” go on sale
  • Be sure you are purchasing from a legitimate ticket sales website and not an imitation of a legitimate site
  • Research a website’s reputation using a trustworthy source such as the Better Business Bureau
  • Review the website’s FAQs and policies to learn what customers are guaranteed, how to obtain refunds and what to do if you somehow end up with a counterfeit ticket
  • Understand any fees included in the ticket’s purchase price.

One of the main characters in "Hamilton" is a native of Cairo, Illinois.

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