MO Sen Blunt, U.S. Senate approve appropriations bill for labor, education and HHS

MO Sen Blunt, U.S. Senate approve appropriations bill for labor, education and HHS
U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) is supporting the Protect Kids and Parents Act. (Source: Roy Blunt, US Senate)

WASHINGTON (KFVS) - U.S. Senator from Missouri Roy Blunt, Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, has announced that the full committee has passed the first bipartisan LHHS funding bill in seven years.

The FY2017 bill prioritizes investments in programs that "provide the most benefit to all Americans, while eliminating 18 ineffective or duplicative programs", totaling over $1 billion.

Coupled with last year's bill, the committee has approved a total of 36 program eliminations topping $1.25 billion.

Blunt was quick to tout the fiscal responsibility that the bill is intended to establish:

"This bill prioritizes critical investments in biomedical research, increasing NIH funding by $2 billion to help accelerate progress toward life-saving cures. It provides additional resources to combat the opioid epidemic by expanding access to treatment and prevention services. And, it restores year-round Pell Grants to help make college more affordable. We were able to advance these initiatives in a bipartisan way, as well as eliminating 18 programs totaling more than $1 billion dollars in this bill alone, and spending $270 million less than last year. I will continue working to ensure that every dollar we spend is directed toward the programs that provide the most benefit for families in Missouri and across the nation, and hope my colleagues will support that effort when this bill reaches the floor."

Some of the initiatives funded by the bill are as follows:

Department of Health and Human Services

  • $2 Billion Increase for NIH
  • 93 Percent Funding Increase for Treatment and Prevention Programs to Combat the Opioid Epidemic
  • $400 Million Increase for Alzheimer’s Disease Research
  • $100 Million Increase for the Precision Medicine Initiative
  • $216.3 Million Increase for the National Cancer Institute
  • $100 Million Increase for the BRAIN Initiative
  • $461 Million to Combat Antibiotic Resistance
  • $80 Million Increase in Mental Health Funding
  • $12.6 Million for the Gabriella Miller Kids First Act
  • $25 Million Increase for the Child Care and Development Block Grant Program
  • Breast Cancer Education
  • Taxpayer Transparency

Department of Education

  • Year-Round Pell Grants
  • Support for Ferguson and Other Communities Facing Civil Unrest
  • $10 Million Increase for Impact Aid

Department of Labor

  • $3.4 Million Increase for Veterans Employment and Training
  • $21 Million Increase for Job Corps
  • Occupational Licensing Portability Initiative

Additional information on programs funded in the LHHS appropriations bill is available here.

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