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Get tone arms for the summer

(Source: Amanda Hanson/KFVS) (Source: Amanda Hanson/KFVS)

Tone arms are nice to have with summer shirts. 

The key is to focus on the three major muscle groups: triceps, biceps and deltoids.

Fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson said toned arms are in style and shares some exercise that can bring results.

"I just want to remind the ladies out there these exercises are not going to give you man looking arms," Crowson said. "Anytime we go for great definition, it's going to require that we build muscle. That's what these are all about.”

She starts with the deltoids.

"You have the sides here and you have the front and the back," Crowson said. "We want to hit all parts of that muscle.  One of the big powerhouse exercises of shoulder work is the overhead military press .Don't be afraid to work heavy with the weights. You're going to start with palms facing forward. You're going to bring those elbows down so that your upper arm is about parallel with the floor and push them straight back up."

But before you add too much weight, Crowson did say it is important to get in a good warm up. 

"Do a set or two of very light weight before you start going with your working sets," she said. 

Crowson sad you can also do a combination move to target to multiple areas at once.

"We're going to focus getting those side deltoids and the front deltoids," Crowson said. "This is a side lateral raise combined with a front rise.  Bring your arms out to the side and then alternating (each arm) to the front slightly across your body."

For the rear delts, Crowson recommends a reverse fly on the peck deck machine.

"Facing in, just bring the arms out to shoulder level and then back in," she said. "Elbows are straight but not locked out....just slightly bend."

When it comes to triceps, Crowson starts at the cable machine with a rope press down. 

"Hold on to the ends of rope," she said. "You're going to keep your elbows glued to your side and let the rope come up and at the bottom we're going to separate the rope. This works on the nice outer set of the tricep here.

Follow up the rope press down with a reverse grip press down. 

"Your palms are going to face up, again your elbow will stay glued to your side," Crowson said. "You're going to fully extend the arms and squeeze. This will work on the other part of your tricep muscle."

Sticking with the cable machine, Crowson then moves on to the biceps.

"We're going to do a basic bar curl," she said. "I love the cable machine because it give you a nice even resistance all throughout the range of motion.  You can also do this with a regular barbell.  Again elbows stay locked in to your sides and full extension at the bottom."

Crowson said ultimately for the best results it requires more than just exercise.

“That would mean a really clean diet,” Crowson said. “Not really restricting calories to a huge degree, but make sure that what you eat is high quality nutritious foods like lean protein, vegetables, fruits, good quality complex carbs, and tons of water.”

Crowson said to make sure to hit each of these muscle groups twice a week, three to four sets per exercises, with around eight to 10 reps. 

If you have a fitness question, send it to Amanda Hanson on Facebook or by e-mail.

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