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Free weight exercises women rarely do

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The free weight area it is often a male dominated part of the gym.
Fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson wants to change that and goes through three free weight exercises that you rarely see women doing.

1.    Deadlift: This exercise works your lower and middle back, along with your quads, hamstrings and gluts.

“Have your feet about should width apart, your hands on the outsides of your legs,” Crowson said. “Come down with a nice flat back, dropping your hips, and grabbing the bar.  Most importantly, that your hips are low and your back is flat.  You’re going to pull up with a flat back, to a standing position, coming down again with a flat back, putting the bar back to its original position and coming back up.”

2.    Squat: Crowson calls it the “granddaddy of all exercises.”  It works almost every major muscle group in your body. 

“I’ve chose to do this in what’s called the Smith Machine,” Crowson said. “The Smith Machine has the bar that moves back and forth, but it’s contained in a casing.  It does restrict the range of motion a little bit which can be helpful especially for beginners. Feet about shoulder width apart, point your toes out just slightly, and then I’m going to hinge my hips backwards, and I’m going to drop down into that squat keeping a flat back.” 

3.    Bench press: This exercise primarily targets the chest muscles, but also works your triceps or shoulders.

“When people ask how much can you lift? Generally they mean how much can you press on the bench press,” Crowson said. “The bar weighs 45 pounds.  So I always recommend a beginner to start with just the bar. It would probably be really helpful to have a friend or trainer spot you. You’re going to lie down.  You’re hand are going to be slightly wider than should width. Shoulders are back, you’re going to press the bar up, bring it right over your chest, elbows wide, the bar comes down, and press it away from the floor towards the ceiling extending your arms.”

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