Does It Work: Rapid Brownie Baker

Does It Work: Rapid Brownie Baker
Grace and Shjon Pyle tested out the Rapid Brownie Baker. (Source: KFVS)
Grace and Shjon Pyle tested out the Rapid Brownie Baker. (Source: KFVS)

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Ever wish you could have brownies in a hurry? A product called Rapid Brownie Baker claims it can whip up a batch of brownies in no time right in your microwave, but does it work?

To test the product, we asked 13-year-old Shjon and his mother Grace Pyle of Perryville, Missouri.

Shjon is learning to cook, but typically needs his mother's help. He's hoping the Rapid Brownie Baker will give him some level of kitchen independence.

"He would love to be able to make this without even asking," said Grace Pyle. "Because he loves brownies."

The makers of the Rapid Brownie Baker claim their product can make brownies in less than four minutes without the mess of traditional baking.

Even so, Grace Pyle was skeptical that the product could serve up ooey gooey brownies that taste as good as brownies right out of the oven.

"I've tried other microwave things and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't," said Grace Pyle. "So I guess we'll l have to wait and see."

Rapid Brownie Baker comes with simple instructions printed on the box and on the bottom of the Rapid Brownie Pan for reference.

An easy measuring box with ingredient fill lines is also included.

Pouring the ingredients out of the square ingredient box into the brownie baking pan was a little dicey, but Shjon pulled it off without making too large of a mess.

Shjon stirred up the brownie mix and put it into the microwave for 3:30 minutes.

"I hope it works," said Shjon.

When the microwave beeped to signal the brownies were done cooking, Shjon's excitement got the better of him and he reached in and grabbed the brownie baking bowl.

Luckily, the handles on the Rapid Brownie Baker remained cool and he did not burn his fingers.

The Rapid Brownie Baker also passed the taste test

"I think it's pretty good," said Shjon.

His mother agreed.

"It's very good," said Grace Pyle. "I think it was fairly easy. I liked how everything was marked. You didn't have to use any separate measuring cups or anything, so easy cleanup."

Shjon and Grace Pyle gave the Rapid Brownie Baker four and a half stars on this Does It Work test.

We purchased the Rapid Brownie Baker used in this test at Walmart for $3.97.

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