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Ready, set, spray: testing pepper spray

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Pepper spray is good to have if you find yourself in a bad situation.

But with so many different types out there, finding the right one is not easy.
With the help of self-defense trainer Lawrence Fleming, Heartland News tested 5 different types on the market right now to determine which one was the most dependable.

The Little Viper Pepper Spray did not live up to its $20 price tag.

It advertised to spray up to three feet, but in our test it barely sprayed even a foot.
The next pepper spray we reviewed was the Sabre Red Pepper Spray disguised as a lipstick case.

Fleming says Sabre is typically a respected brand. 

“I think it performed the way it was designed,” Fleming said. “It might have a little problem with the delivery being able to get the cap off.”
And with no safe guard, it could go off in a bag or purse. 
It costs about $8 and not a bad buy for the price.
“It would work,” Fleming said. “It would probably take some practice but probably not my first pick.”
We also tested the Police OC-17 Magnum pepper spray. 

It was disguised as a pen.
When we took the cap off, the spray button popped off before we even tested it which could be bad news in an emergency. 

It also did not spray the advertised distance. 

The traditional Mace Brand Pepper Spray was one to the best ones tested.

It costs only $9.

“This one's my pick,” Fleming said. “When I worked in law enforcement, I carried one similar to that. It’s designed to just slide your finger in and now it's ready to use, but out of use it's not going to accidentally discharge.” 

The final pepper spray tested was the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun. 

It was definitely the most impressive looking one.

It was the easiest to spray, but not very practical.

It costs three times as much as all the others at a whopping $41 and trying to fit it in a pocket or small purse is not likely. 

Fleming says the most important thing you can do is make sure that you practice with your pepper spray and be sure to always look for the expiration day because it can be less effective. 

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