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Joint pain? Exercise helps

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If you struggle with joint pain, doctors say the more you move, the less stiffness you'll have.

According the Mayo Clinic, building muscle can help provide better support for your joints.

If joint pain is part of your everyday life, fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson has some tips on how to exercise to avoid additional injury.

“A lot of people struggle with joint pain,” Crowson said. “It could be from arthritis, it could be from an injury, it could be lack of cartilage in the joint and sometimes it could be scary to lift weights.  Doing it the wrong way could cause some pain. But I just want everybody to know that you can still lift weights for strength training and muscle size even with joint pain.”

First, Crowson says it’s really important to do a good warm up.

“Warming up is going to increase lubrication in the joints,” Crowson said. 

She says in order to build muscle, you have to stress the muscle, but for someone with joint issues it has to be done differently. 
“Lifting slower, using really strict form, and also making sure we don't pause at the top of the bottom of the movement," Crowson said. "That's going to increase the amount of time the muscle is under tension and increase the stress on it even though we're using a lighter weight." 

It’s also important to rest between sets Crowson recommends anywhere from 45 seconds to a 1 minute.

“Another recommendation that I have if you have joint pain is to vary your exercises," Crowson said. "So try to hit the same muscle groups twice per week, but use different exercises. One day do a pressing movements and then the next do flying movements.”

Crowson says if you are lifting weights keep your workouts around 30 minutes.

“If you are using your time wisely and resting the recommended amount of time between sets we should be able to get a lot of work volume in during that time and still leave before you put too much stress on your body,” Crowson said.

When you wrap up your workout, make sure to stretch your muscles.
“This is the part of the workout a lot of people skip, but it is very important to maintain healthy joints, healthy muscles, and healthy tendons. 

Crowson also suggests drinking plenty of water. 

“A lot of people will notice that their joint pain decreases once they are fully hydrated,” Crowson said. “The water will actually lubricate your joints.”

She also recommended a few supplements to help with joint pain.  

“One is fatty acids omega 3 and 6, flax oil is really good,” Crowson said. “Another thing is something call glucosamine and that's proven to be effective for a lot of people with joint pain.”

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