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Steele, MO

Teens Overdose on Valium

Teens Overdose on Valium
By: CJ Cassidy

Steele, Missouri - It's a scenario police say could happen to any parent; prescription pills ending up in children's hands.

Officers tell us they found three teens passed out at a house in Steele around four o'clock Monday morning all having overdosed on Valium.

Police say the teens are recovering in a hospital, with one in critical condition.

Family members say they're praying the fourteen year old pulls through.

Police agree, and say they're now stepping up their investigation, because this isn't the first time they've been to the youngest teen's house.

Carolyn Brown can't stop worrying about her grandson.

Brown admits this isn't the first time her grandson experimented with a prescription drug.

"He overdosed before on some other pills, another friend came out and they found them in his mother's purse. This time, we didn't even know they were here, and when we found him he was breathing but not alert, so we called the ambulance, " Brown says.

Juvenile officers say the teens are lucky to be alive, pointing out that prescription drugs taken without a prescription can be deadly.

Officer Brian Abbott also says prescription drug overdoses among teenagers are rare in Southeast Missouri, but parents should still pay close attention.

"We've been taught to lock up our prescription drugs away from small children, but I would say the drug problem and experimentation I'm seeing parents should keep the drugs away from teens as well," Abbott says.

Back in Steele, Carolyn Brown has a lot to pray for, as she waits to hear back from family members about her grandson's condition.

"I hope other parents learn from this, and lock up their medicines, I hope and pray, " Brown says.

The Missouri Children's Division is looking into how the teen got his hands on prescription drugs twice.

But the boy's grandmother says the child's parents should be given another chance, they've just made some mistakes.

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