Does It Work: Simply Straight

Does It Work: Simply Straight
Kathy Niswonger of Jackson tested out Simply Straight. (Source: KFVS)
Kathy Niswonger of Jackson tested out Simply Straight. (Source: KFVS)

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Do you spend hours every week straightening your hair with a blow dryer or flat iron? A product called Simply Straight claims it can simplify the process by straightening your hair by just brushing, but does it work?

 To put Simply Straight to the test, we asked Kathy Niswonger of Jackson. Niswonger said she’s had a lifelong battle with her curly hair.

"Growing up I had red hair and I looked like Annie," said Niswonger. "It grew out instead of down."

Niswonger said she's logged a lot of hours trying to tame her curls, and it takes a lot of heat and product to do it.

"I use gel, I use heat protector, I use a flat iron, a blow dryer,” said Niswonger. “It takes probably 45 minutes to an hour every day to make my hair st raight."

The makers of Simply Straight say there's no need to waste your time wrestling with a blow dryer or using a flat iron that will fry your hair. The commercial claims you can simply brush away your curls with Simply Straight.

Niswonger hopes Simply Straight will be the answer to her hair dilemma.

"It looks like they just take a piece and brush it down and it's straight," said Niswonger. "I want to find out if it works."

Niswonger plugs Simply Straight into the wall and at first – nothing happens.

A little unplugging, re-plugging, light switch flipping and investigation later – Niswonger discovers one must hold down the button to turn the product on.

Simply Straight's directions offer temperature suggestions based on hair type: 365 degrees for salon colored or fine hair, 410 degrees for regular hair, and 450 degrees for thicker hair.

Niswonger opted to try the lowest setting and increase temperature as needed.

In the first few passes with Simply Straight through Niswonger's hair, she noticed a definite difference.

"It seems to be doing something, oh my gosh," said Niswonger.

Niswonger did not feel the low temperature was sufficient for her thicker hair so turned up the heat at first to 410 and then up to 450.

"This is going a lot faster than my straight iron," said Niswonger. "It's doing a pretty good job."

However, no matter how many passes Niswonger made with Simply Straight, the layers in her hair proved problematic. There were too many wavy wisps and too much fluff remaining for Niswonger's liking.

"I don't like this as well as a straight iron because with a straight iron, it goes straight," said Niswonger.  "It's still got the waves in it right there. I suppose if people wanted body in their hair, then they might like it, but when I want straight hair, I want straight hair. It sure does relax it though."

Niswonger gives Simply Straight 3 stars on this Does It Work test.

We purchased the Simply Straight for this test at Walgreens for $39.99.

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