Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse
By:  Jason Lindsey

Cape Girardeau, MO -- Heartland skywatchers viewed a partial solar eclipse on Friday.  Using a special solar filter Heartland News caught this glimpse of the partial eclipse.

We could only see 5 to 10% of the eclipse in the Heartland, but an almost-total eclipse was seen not far from New Zealand and in parts of Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, and Venezuela.

Solar eclipses are caused when the earth, the moon, and the sun line up just right.

The next solar eclipse visible over a large swath of North America won't come until May 20, 2012, when the path of an annular solar eclipse passes across portions of eight southwestern states.

Source: Extended Web Coverage

Eclipse Terms
  • Partial eclipse: The Moon covers only part of the Sun.
  • Total eclipse: The Moon covers the entire disk of the Sun along a narrow path across the Earth.
  • Annular eclipse: The Moon is too far from Earth to completely cover the Sun. A thin ring of the Sun's disk surrounds the Moon.