Group proposes new idea about MLK name on Sikeston's Main Street

Group proposes new idea about MLK name on Sikeston's Main Street

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - The goal for a group of Sikeston residents who want Main Street changed to Martin Luther King Drive hasn't given up yet. But the group's plan has altered some.

After negotiations with the City of Sikeston, Larry McClellon's group "All For One" didn't get what they wanted. However, as McClellon's group has said time and time again, they have no intentions of giving up.

The changing of Main Street to MLK Drive would take on a lot of address changes and would take a lot of money to do so, according to McClellon after he spoke with city leaders.

So instead, McClellon wants the MLK drive street name added to it.

"They can keep Main Street," Nathaniel Green of Sikeston said. "The name there. They can keep their regular addresses, post office box, whatever. And we can also get the name in memorial way. So there's no reason why this proposal shouldn't go through."

The street would still be Main Street. But the group's new proposal would require an "Honorary Martin Luther King" street sign be put up next to the street sign.

"We're asking for that street just as they renamed that street in Chicago to Bernie Mac in honorary of Bernie Mac," McClellon said.

McClellon and other residents said they feel this is the best way for both sides to compromise; the costs would be eliminated, Main Street will still be the same and a MLK Drive street sign would just be added to it.

"We feel like if the reason, the real reason is what they say it is, and that is that it was going to be too costly," McClellan said. "If that was the real reason, we have eliminated the costs. So now we want to see."

On Saturday, April 30, dozens of residents met together to march through the Sikeston city streets to let people know they haven't completely given up on the MLK name addition.

Church groups in the area also joined in the march, and even a group of children from a Sikeston church preformed a dance for everyone before the march started.

Sikeston police were on hand to make sure the march went peaceful.

McClellon said it's up the city to make a decision on whether or not the Martin Luther King Drive sign will be added to Main Street.

"We're going to sit back and see what kind of answer they come with," McClellon said.

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