New Cape Girardeau County storm sirens offer pinpoint warning

New Cape Girardeau County storm sirens offer pinpoint warning

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Emergency Officials in Cape Girardeau are using new technology to keep you and your family safe during a tornado warning.

Instead of sounding every siren, emergency managers can now pinpoint which alarms need to go off.

Cape Girardeau Emergency Management Director Richard Knaup says in the past issues could arise if there was a tornado threat for one part of the county but all the alarms sounded.

They say having the county's 43 storm sirens sound all at once diminishes the impact on people.

Officials say by targeting certain areas, folks can be assured that a dangerous situation could be moments away.

"Lots of times in the past, it's been storming in Dutchtown and clear skies in Apple Creek and we don't want the people in Apple Creek to get gun shy with the siren going off with clear skies," Knaup said.

Knaup says the new siren system also allows for remote testing to make sure the alarms working properly.

In Cape Girardeau County, emergency managers will only trigger a siren if there is a tornado warning issued for the area or straight line winds exceeding 65 mph.

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