Prosecuting attorney: MSHP trooper's actions 'lawful and justified' in deadly shooting

Prosecuting attorney: MSHP trooper's actions 'lawful and justified' in deadly shooting

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The prosecuting attorney for Cape Girardeau County determined a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper's actions in a deadly shooting were lawful and justified.

Jeffery Darrell Hobbs, 48, of Jackson, Missouri was shot and killed on Friday, April 29.

Prosecuting Attorney Christopher Limbaugh said on Friday, July 22 no criminal charges will be brought against the trooper.

Cape Girardeau County Coroner John Clifton also said he would not hold an inquest into Hobbs' death.

According to Sergeant Clark Parrott with the Missouri Highway Patrol, the incident began around 6:25 p.m. after a trooper tried to pull Hobbs over.

Hobbs pulled over onto Clowen Lane. When the trooper got out of his vehicle, Hobbs also got out of his vehicle and allegedly began acting suspiciously.

According to the findings of the prosecuting attorney's office, Hobbs was acting erratically and the trooper handcuffed him because he was concerned he was under the influence.

As the trooper tried to handcuff Hobbs, he began struggling against the trooper while he had one handcuff on. He was able to get back into his vehicle, turn it on, and dragged the trooper a short distance as he held on to the other cuff.

The trooper was able to turn the car off, at which point a struggle began again.

According to the prosecuting attorney's office, the audio recording showed that the trooper repeatedly yelled for Hobbs to stop as the car engine was revving and accelerating.

A witness confirmed that the trooper was being dragged by Hobbs' vehicle as it did a "donut" and drove "all through" the witness' yard as Hobbs was driving.

In an interview with the trooper, he stated he was in fear of his life and that he would have been dragged underneath the rear tires of the vehicle.

The trooper was heard shouting that if Hobbs does not stop, he would shoot him.

According to the prosecuting attorney's office, Hobbs acknowledged the command and told the officer not to shoot him, but again started to take off in his vehicle with the trooper partially inside.

The trooper fired two shots into Hobbs at close range.

The findings state:

"Hobbs continued to refuse to obey the officer's commands until the time as his injuries rendered him unable to continue resisting."

Once the vehicle came to a stop, the trooper radioed for assistance and an ambulance. The officer then tried to render medical aid to Hobbs who subsequently died at the scene.

The trooper was taken to a Cape Girardeau hospital with non-life threatening injuries, including a facial laceration and abrasions on his hands.

Part of the struggle was captured on the trooper's dash camera.

An autopsy was conducted on Saturday morning.

According to the prosecuting attorney's office findings, the autopsy revealed Hobbs was shot twice in the chest on his left side. Both wounds were at close range and consistent with the trooper's account.

The toxicology report found Hobbs' blood and urine contained a high level of methamphetamine, as well as Oxycodone. In addition, some meth and Oxycodone was recovered inside Hobbs' car. Two more Oxycodone pills (one whole and one partial) were found in Hobbs' pants pockets.

The prosecuting attorney's office concluded that it was without question that Hobbs presented a clear and immediate danger of serious physical injury to the trooper.

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