Herrin Fire Dept. hosts tour for elementary students

Herrin students get look at life of a fire fighter

HERRIN, IL (KFVS) - Herrin Elementary students got a firsthand look at the life of a fire fighter.

On Thursday and Friday, the Herrin Fire Department has been giving tours to third graders, setting up four different stations to show some of the work they do everyday.

Captain Roger Miller says this tour is apart of a 10-week long course the fire department teaches to third graders about fire safety.

"We teach them the fundamentals of what a fire is, from fire triangle, to smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, they do drawings of their homes, exit drills, perform the drills, they do home inspections, they learn what hazards are," Miller said. "At times we also get the police involved, they do gun safety, sometimes medical personnel comes in and helps with first aid."

Third graders say it's pretty cool to see what fire fighters do everyday.

"I've been wanting to learn about fires since I was little because I got to see a big fire and all the fire fighters and I wanted to know how they did all their stuff and how they got the fire hoses out and stuff," Maredith Russell said.

"I think how they shoot the water and gallons, it will be awesome," Gabby Murrie said.

The four stations include: a tour of the fire department and how fire fighters operate a ladder truck.

Another station showed fire fighters being blindfolded to show students what it's like for fire fighters to feel their way through a facility, and the last station was a wrecked vehicle demonstrator to show how to remove a vehicle away from a victim.

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