Pulaski, IL man sentenced to 85 years for murder, attempted murder

Pulaski, IL man sentenced to 85 years for murder, attempted murder

MASSAC COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A Pulaski, Illinois man was sentenced to 85 years in prison on Monday, August 1 for first degree murder and attempted first degree murder.

Michael D. Thompkins received 60 years for the first degree murder of Jackie LaShaun Blake of Pulaski, Ill. He received 25 years for the attempted first degree murder of Jessica Horn of Karnak, Ill.

Each count was ordered to be served consecutively.

Based on Illinois' Truth-in-sentencing law, Thompkins will serve 100 percent of the first degree murder sentence and 85 percent of the attempted first degree murder sentence.

A Massac County jury found Thompkins guilty of ?first degree murder, first degree attempted murder and home invasion.

He is accused of killing Jackie LaShaun Blake of Pulaksi, Ill. and trying to kill Jessica Horn or Karnak, Ill. on March 25, 2012 in Joppa, Ill.

According to Massac County State's Attorney Patrick Windhorst, evidence at the trial showed that Blake and Horn were at an apartment in Joppa in the early morning hours of March 25, 2012.

Thompkins, who had previously dated Horn, allegedly forcibly entered the apartment and attacked Blake and Horn in the bathroom.

According to a press release from Windhorst, Blake was stabbed with a knife and died.

He said Horn was injured by several objects, including a barbecue fork. She had a cut on her forehead, among other injuries.

Crime scene investigators processed the scene and got several items of evidence that were analyzed by the State Police Crime Lab.

According to Windhorst, that analysis revealed the presence of blood on a broken knife blade and barbecue fork. The blood on the barbecue fork matched the DNA profile of Horn.

He said Horn and Blake could not be excluded from providing the blood on the knife blade. Thompkins' clothing and shoes taken at the time of his arrest were analyzed, and a blood stain on Thompkins' shirt matched the DNA profile of Horn.

A blood stain on Thompkins' jeans matched the DNA profile of Blake.

A bloody footprint in the apartment was revealed to have been made by Thompkins' left shoe.

"This verdict was the result of a thorough investigation by the Massac County Sheriff's Department and the Illinois State Police," Windhorst said. "Investigators collected significant physical evidence at the crime scene that was analyzed by the State Police Crime Lab and connected the defendant to the crime."

Thompkins initially pleaded guilty to first degree murder in September 2012. He was allowed to withdraw that plea in June 2015, and the matter was set for trial.

The jury trial began with jury selection on Monday, April 28, and the parties presented evidence on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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