Does It Work: The Amazing Pocket Chair

Does It Work: The Amazing Pocket Chair
Testers (left to right): Rich Summers, Angela Gibson, Maegen Grimes-Barton & Isabella Barton. (Source: KFVS)
Testers (left to right): Rich Summers, Angela Gibson, Maegen Grimes-Barton & Isabella Barton. (Source: KFVS)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Do you ever find yourself looking for a place to sit and coming up empty? A product called The Amazing Pocket Chair claims now you can take a seat anywhere, but does it work?

To test the product, we turned to three different testers with three different potential applications for a portable chair: a parent playing with a toddler in the park, a woman fishing on the bank of a lake, and a grandpa on the sidelines of peewee soccer practice.

The Amazing Pocket Chair claims it opens in a snap, supports up to 250 pounds, and folds down to fit in your pocket.

Maegen Grimes-Barton tested the Amazing Pocket Chair along with her step-daughter Isabella Barton in Cape Girardeau's Capaha Park.

"It'll fit in a diaper bag, so that's good," said Grimes-Barton.

Two-year-old Isabella was the first to test out the pocket chair finding it just her size and to her liking.

"That's great," said Grimes-Barton. "We don't use park benches anymore because we had a little episode where she sat on one and got a splinter in her butt cheek. I don't know if you've ever tried to pull a splinter out of a 2 year old's butt cheek, but it's not easy."

The Pocket Chair offers Isabella a perfect place for a play break, but what about Grimes-Barton who is more likely to need a play break after chasing Isabella around all afternoon.

"This is nice," said Grimes-Barton taking a seat. "I was worried, but it is nice."

Grimes-Barton and Isabella gave the Amazing Pocket Chair 5 stars.

Up next, we turned to angler Angela Gibson fishing on the banks of Capaha Park Pond. Gibson said she doesn't like hauling a big folding chair along with her fishing gear, and typically stands or sits on one of the park benches that are fairly far removed from the water's edge.

"Maybe I could use this and sit closer to the water," Gibson said.

However, when she sat down she quickly dropped those hopes.

"It's unsteady," said Gibson. "I feel like I'm about to fall. I don't want to fall. ... If you sat too close to the water you might fall in."

Gibson gave the Amazing Pocket Chair 2 stars.

Our final tester, soccer grandpa Rich Summers often finds himself searching for a seat while his granddaughter practices.

Summers was not thrilled with the size of the Amazing Pocket Chair.

"It looks more like a squatty potty than a stool," said Summers. "It's hard on  the knees, no back support – very important for people my age, and I might need a hand of help getting up from this."

Summers gave the Amazing Pocket Chair only 1 star.

Averaging our testers' rankings, the Amazing Pocket Chair earned  3 stars on this Does It Work Test.

It should be noted that we had difficulty fitting the Amazing Pocket Chair into the average pants pocket.

We purchased our Amazing Pocket Chair for $13.98 on

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