Branson ferris wheel to open this summer

Branson ferris wheel to open this summer

The Track Family Fun Parks purchased Chicago’s Navy Pier Ferris Wheel in January and in February it was brought down to Branson, Missouri.

With the mild winter weather, restoration began and crews started repainting all of the steel columns and spokes. The old lighting system has been removed and will be replaced with a new LED lighting system.
The foundation permit from the city was granted the last week of March.
There are eight holes for piers 54 inches wide sunk at depths from 8 to 23 feet, depending on rock and soil conditions.
Piers, pier caps, and tie beams making up the foundation for the wheel contain 250 yards of concrete and 40 tons of rebar.
A team of engineers and electricians from wheel manufacturer Dutch Wheels arrived from the Netherlands on Monday, April 18 and have been doing prep work on the ground since arrival.
The team will begin erecting the 75-foot-tall steel columns that will meet at the center hub on Wednesday morning, April 27.
A substantial part of the wheel will be up by May 5, with the rest being completed and new lighting system installed in the weeks thereafter. Construction will occur around the wheel during that time followed by landscaping, prior to the opening of the ride.
The $4 million project is still on track for an early summer opening.

“Everything is going along really well,” said Craig Wescott, president and CEO of The Track Family Fun Parks. “Guests of The Track Family Fun Parks will be enjoying the iconic Ferris wheel as part of our company’s 35th anniversary.”

For more information about The Track Family Fun Parks, please visit their website at or call 417-334-1612.

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