Firefighters train in Marion, IL

Firefighters train in Marion, IL

MARION, IL (KFVS) - The materials used to make cars are stronger and safer than ever before, so emergency crews need to work to make sure they can get people out of crashed vehicles.

That's what about two dozen firefighters from a handful of departments did on Monday, April 25 in Marion, Illinois.

The firefighters trained in what's called an advanced extrication class to make sure they know how to use the tools to cut accident victims from wreckage.

Marion's fire chief said they are working to eliminate surprises in the real world.

"The metals in the cars have changed from what they used to be," Chief Jerry Odum said. "You have stronger metals in the car so you have to have stronger cutters so you are constantly updating your equipment to be able to cut through the different material in cars today. Plus, you have hybrid vehicles that you have to be cautious of because there are dangers with those."

The University of Illinois helps pay for the training.

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