Scott City robotics team to compete at world competition

Scott City robotics team to compete at world competition

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - The Scott City High School robotics team has made it to the world competition next week.

From programming to building to controlling, every team member plays an important role.

"It takes a lot of good team work and communication with your partners," senior Nick Cassout said.

The team will represent the Heartland in the world competition in St. Louis, bringing their unique style into the ring.

"We like to go for maybe not even having the best robot at each of the competitions but having the most consistent robot and the most consistent drivers," Cassout said.

Cassout is the team's spokesperson and collaborator, and seniors Dylan Boswell and Matt Cundiff team up as the drivers.

While winning a match is no easy feat, they're also learning things that will take them not only to the world competition, but well beyond.

"They're getting skills right now that they can't imagine how much they're going to use them later because if you don't get frustrated, you keep looking at your ideas and think 'How can I do this different?' or 'Should I get rid of this idea right now?'," mentor Randy Shinn said. "To go in there and prototype and to test it, that really sets them apart. They're willing put in the time and they're determined."

The team knows winning at the world competition won't be easy, but you can bet each one will give it their all.

"It's going to be a tough ride to get to the finals and then hopefully get an alliance to win," Cassout said.

Team members said they're grateful for the support of the community and their sponsors who help them in getting parts and paying for their trips.

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