Cyclists stop in Cape Girardeau on cross-country trip

Cyclists riding cross-country for a cause stop in Cape Girardeau
Cycling from Poplar Bluff to Cape Girardeau (Source: Douglas Moody)
Cycling from Poplar Bluff to Cape Girardeau (Source: Douglas Moody)
(Source: Douglas Moody)
(Source: Douglas Moody)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's about 80 miles from Poplar Bluff to Cape Girardeau, about an hour by car, but all day by bike.

A group of cyclists mostly from Ohio State University rode from Poplar Bluff to Cape Girardeau on Monday, April 25 as the group makes its way from California to the east coast.

The group Ride for World Health is mostly made up of Ohio State University medical students that are graduating on May 5, 2016.

Ariel Kanevsky said this is many of the cyclists first time seeing Missouri's Ozark region.

"Many of our first experience with the Ozarks was very eye opening and very enjoyable," Kanevsky said.

"There's really probably not better experience than by way of bike and I think we're all really thankful to be able to have the opportunity to do so," Kanevsky said.

Second time cross country cyclist, Rhainnon Desideri agreed.

"When you're in a car you're going a little bit too fast to see everything that you're passing by," Desideri said.

So far a cyclist said the group has raised about $58,000. The group raised money to give to Esperanca which is a non-profit organization based in Phoenix, Arizona and the Ohio State University Grief Neonatal Survival Program.

When asked which was harder medical school or cycling across the nation this is what Kanevsky had to say.

"Without a doubt [cycling], without a doubt," Kanevsky said.

The group may be travelling through the heartland but the final destination is the Delaware coast.

"I think one thing that has certainly blown me away and I would say probably all the riders is the profound generosity that has been afford of us on each leg of the journey," Kanevsky said.

Kyle Jamison described his first time riding across the country as being an unbelievable, a once in a lifetime experience.

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