Cairo officials weigh in on flood damages, lack of funding

Cairo officials weigh in on flood damages, lack of funding

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Cairo Superintendent of Public Works John Meyer said the City of Cairo has more than $3 million worth of damages caused by the New Year Flood.

After federal aid was denied for several Illinois counties, it remains uncertain how and when the counties affected will get any funds to repair the damages.

Certain temporary repairs have been made to the sewers and streets, but as of yet there are no plans on how to fix the rest of the damages, due to lack of funds.

Meyer said the damages aren't affecting costs of utility bills, however, it remains a concern for the future since city officials don't know at this point where they will get the funds for the repairs.

Cairo Mayor Tyrone Coleman said they are looking for alternative measures to figure out where they might be able to get more funding. Coleman said he is working with city and county officials and is still talking with state officials to see if they can possibly get any funding from the state.

Coleman said the city is doing what it can with the money and resources the city already has.

Alexander County EMA Coordinator said a lot of these damages are underneath the city and can't be seen. However, Meyer said there have been a couple of areas that have affected traffic, such as the street in front of CPU building on Commercial Street sinking, and the ground sunk in near the corner of 14th Street and Poplar Street.

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