Everyday Hero: Mary Ann Lewis

Everyday Hero: Mary Ann Lewis

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Who was your favorite teacher? Odds are you can answer that pretty easily.

We all remember a teacher who stood out among the rest.

For those who began their schooling at May Greene or Blanchard Elementary, Mary Ann Lewis is that teacher.

There's a hush over the halls of Blanchard Elementary.

And their should be.

School is in session.

But the closer you get to one certain room, the sound of giggles interrupts the quiet.

From her perch, where Ms. Mary Ann Lewis always sits, she's reading a kindergarten favorite, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

"In kindergarten, every day is a new day," Ms. Lewis said. "Really I should say every minute is a new minute. There's always something going on."

Much of that is by design.

After 34 years of teaching, it's not a stretch to say she's got this down.

"It's something that God wants me to do and he's led me into this profession," she said. "And the joy that I get by serving the kids and teaching is insurmountable."

A joy that's contagious.

One that's spread to her students who sit captivated by her words.

They're like the hungry caterpillar.

Only instead of food, these young minds crave knowledge.

"He said well I'm a good reader and that's what a good reader does. They go back and fix it when they make a mistake. And so we were woo hoo!"

There's a "woo-hoo" for every milestone.

Back to the book.

You might say that Ms. Lewis is the kids' protective cocoon, shielding them, nurturing them, as they develop their wings and fly off to the next grade.

"You think back about how 34 years goes like that, it's like a blink of an eye."

Time does fly, but what a difference she's made with every minute.

A fact that is punctuated time and time again when she runs into former students.

"And he looked at me and at the same time he said Ms. Lewis and I said his name and he yells get over here woman and give me a hug. And he's all grown up and still remembers," Ms. Lewis recalled.

Generations of families have come through her room.

Some former students are now parents themselves.

"Number one it makes you feel very old but number 2 it's so cool that I can tell them that you are a good mother and you are doing a fabulous job with your child."

Now, after more than three decades in the classroom, it's Miss Lewis' turn to undergo her metamorphosis.

From teacher to, well, who knows?

That's what's so great about starting a new book--you have no idea how it's going to end.

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