Bad Feelings After Election in Mounds

Bad Feelings After Election in Mounds
By: Arnold Wyrick
Mounds, Illinois - There's no doubt that there's been a problem in Mounds when it comes to persons in charge. Through a revolving door of police chiefs and rundown properties, now voters are unhappy with the election process on Tuesday. And no one perhaps is more upset with the results than current mayor Grace Richards who won four years ago as a write-in candidate.
"Some of the biggest things was the lack of cooperation of the city council. Most of the time if I was for it they was against it," says Richards.
But her discontent with Tuesday's vote runs even deeper then her troubles with fellow city leaders.
"What happened down at the polls, there were over 60 people turned away that didn't help me any. And some of the things that happened before the election didn't help," Richards said.
One of those voters turned away, was Lillie Lovies who was told she didn't live in the city limits, even though she and her husband have lived at the same address in town, for more than 20 years, and never had any trouble voting in city elections before Tuesday.
"They did give me a ballot, but I couldn't vote for the mayor. I was told that I was on a rural route and they said I wasn't in the city limits of Mounds," Lovies said.
Although her husband William, didn't have any troubles when he went to cast his ballot right after his wife.
"My ballot had the new 911 address on it, and hers had the old one still on it. So I don't know what happened, but it sure is strange," Lovies said.
Irregardless of the troubles in the voting booths, mayor-elect Waymon Butler is just happy people came out to vote. And is now looking forward to getting into office, and cleaning things up around town.
"I believe that if we do not do anything in the next 4 years the monies are going to dry up. And places like our community, small communities are going to come out on the short end of the stick," Butler said.
"So my short term goals are cleaning up the community. The long term goals are that we've got to get a tax base in here."
Meanwhile before the dust can even settle on the election results one full time police officer handed in his resignation to the city, in light of the outcome of the mayoral race. And several people have filed a complaint with the Illinois State Board of Elections over the mix up at the polling places on Tuesday.