16 Weeks - Dressing the bump

16 Weeks - Dressing the bump

Week 16 – Dressing the bump

Last time I was pregnant, I was lucky enough to borrow maternity clothes from a couple close friends. This is so the way to go because who wants to spend a bunch of money on clothes they will only wear for several months?!!! With that said…I do have to say a comfortable, cute outfit goes a LONG way in making a pregnant woman feel confident.

Last week I mentioned I was still kind of in-between in sizes. That is quickly changing though! That little baby is making his or her presence noticed more and more everyday. Right now maternity clothes are a little big but my normal clothes are too snug. To me, this stage is one of the harder ones. Some outfits I just look "larger" and not really pregnant, but I don't really have a huge baby bump that I'm ready to rock yet either.

You've probably heard the saying "the camera adds 10 pounds." This is very true and when you are already gaining weight pretty rapidly the right outfit can make or break how you feel for the entire day. I can't hide behind a desk like the anchors either. There is no hiding anything on the green screen. It's all out there for everyone to see...so might as well try and rock it right? Key word TRY.

Like anyone else some days are better than others. Right now I feel best in looser wrap dresses like the one I'm wearing in the picture with this blog post. I'm actually "renting" this dress from a company called Le Tote. This is something I'm new to, but so far am really loving it.

Basically, I pay a monthly fee and get to "borrow" a bunch of maternity clothes and accessories. With my job, I have to have A LOT of work clothes and I think this is going to help keep my wardrobe fresh while my baby grows. Many people think we get money for clothes or some type of salary to go towards a wardrobe. Gosh, I wish that was true but unfortunately it's not!

This week the baby is about the size of an avocado. MMMMmmmmm now I'm thinking about guacamole. Yum Yum!

Speaking of food, I've noticed my appetite picking up the last couple of weeks. My go to snacks are trail mix, fruit and peanut butter but with the temps warming up I've had a couple ice cream trips too. =) I've felt pretty good this week, besides for the fact that I'm a little more tired than usual due to filling in on the Breakfast Show. That means my alarm clock goes off at 2AM!!  2AM?!!! Ummm…yeah no one's alarm clock should ever go off this early.

When I fill in on the Breakfast Show, it's the only time I have to set an alarm clock. I have a one year old so she's a pretty good alarm clock most days. I would much rather wake up to her jabbering than a blaring beep in my ear! LOL. Every time it's gone off this week I've had this moment of panic…What? Where am I? What time is it? Why is my alarm going off? It takes a good 10 to 15 seconds at that time of night to realize…oh yes, you have to get to work and forecast!

Overall, I'm good with this being the sweet sixteen week! I say that because I haven't felt sick at all this week! Maybe these crazy hours are actually helping!

For some reason, I still feel a tad nauseous when I drink a big glass of milk…but sometimes that's all I want! I get so tired of drinking plain ole water sometimes that I want to change it up, even though I know I may pay for it later. Somehow milk doesn't sit well…but ice cream seems to be just fine. =) Hmmm weird.

Speaking of drinks, I'm really missing my coffee this week. With the really early shift, it's hard to not enjoy a cup or two or three of Joe. I've limited my caffeine since I found out I was pregnant, but boy do I miss it A LOT this week!

I'm so looking forward to week 17!!  I may find out boy or girl next week!

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