IL lawmakers' paychecks to be delayed

IL lawmakers paychecks to be delayed

CHICAGO (KFVS) - Illinois lawmakers' paychecks will be delayed as result of the state budget impasse.

Lawmakers' paychecks will be put in the same queue as all other government payments, Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger said in press release Sunday.

The state has entered its 10th month without a state budget and have built a backlog of $7.8 billion in unpaid bills.

If families, social service organizations, schools and businesses have to wait, Munger said elected leaders should too.

Salaries for the 177 members of the General Assembly and several other offices, including the Governor and the Comptroller, will be placed in the backlogged queue. The salaries of elected officials total $1.3 million per month and about $15.6 million annually.

"It is the right thing to do," Munger said. "And if this action helps bring all sides together to pass a balanced budget and end this unnecessary and devastating hardship to our state that is an added benefit.

"Illinois needs a balanced budget. It is well past time that we get it done."

Munger said state payments are delayed at a minimum of two months. The wait is expected to grow during the summer and fall.

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