Woman injured in 2015 Marion hostage situation sues authorities

Marion, IL hostage from 2015 situation suing city

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A woman who was struck by friendly fire in a 2015 hostage situation in Marion is suing the authorities who planned her rescue.

Carbondale Attorney R. Courtney Hughes says 27-year-old Joshua Greene took Samantha Holmes as a hostage into a Marion hotel room after firing a gun at police.

Authorities responded to the situation heavily, and formed a tactical response team to plan Holmes' extraction.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday, April 11th 2016, and claims Williamson County Authorities did not take documented precautions for such a situation, thereby putting Holmes in an unnecessarily dangerous situation.

According to the lawsuit, three and a half hours of negotiations eventually led to an agreement between Greene and authorities.

The lawsuit claims Greene told police he would release Holmes sometime after authorities delivered food to the pair.

An extraction team was put into place to arrest Greene once he exited the apartment for the food.

Holmes exited in front of Greene when the apartment door opened for the pickup, which Hughes says should have been enough of a deviation from the plan for authorities to call off the ruse.

The effort however pressed on, Greene pulled a gun when approached by the team.

Greene was killed in the resulting shootout and Holmes was shot by whom was later determined to be a Williamson County Sergeant.

"This officer was acting in the line of duty trying to save the victim's life,when the accidental fire struck the victim." said Williamson County State's Attorney a few weeks after the incident. "Further, the victim was clutching the railing at the railing of the stairwell, when she was struck"

Zanotti said in 2015 several Marion police officers were put on paid administrative leave following the incident.

"Yes they resolved the hostage scenario--- but they did it in a manner that put the hostage at risk." Hughes said Friday.

The lawsuit stakes claims that authorities did not follow their own written guidelines for how to handle a hostage situation, the lawsuit claims Williamson County Authorities did not exhaust all options for negotiations, says they failed to use a 'trained hostage negotiator' during the incident.

Calls to the Williamson County Sheriff and State's Attorney were not immediately returned.

Mayor Bob Butler could not be reached during the writing of this report.

Marion Police Chief Dawn Tondini responded immediately, but said per the advice of legal counsel she had 'no comment' on the litigation as of Friday night.

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