How to save some green on summer hotel stays

How to save some green on summer hotel stays

(KFVS) - Looking to book that summer vacation?

Good news: there is are sweet spots that could save you some money.

According to TripAdvisor, the best time to book hotels can vary by location.

Destination: U.S.

Hotel pricing remains pretty steady throughout the year.

However, TripAdvisor reports if you book within two months of your summer trip, you can save 7 percent on your hotel.

Destination: Caribbean

Prices for hotels are modest. The sweet spot is about four months.

If you book within that amount of time, you're likely to save about 7 percent compared to the peak pricing periods.

Destination: Europe

Plan to give yourself some extra time to book a hotel.

You're likely going to need to start watching prices between three to five months of your trip.

If you're successful, you can save up to 23 percent versus the peak booking period.

Destination: Central America

Savings for hotels in Central America can be modest. The best approach is to book a hotel within three months of a summer trip.

For those willing to wait, they can save 7 percent compared to peak price weeks.

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