Dexter PD singles out, cracks down on seat belt violators

Dexter PD cracks down on unbuckled drivers

DEXTER, MO (KFVS) - Law enforcement everywhere will tell you - seat belts save lives.

The Dexter Police Department really wanted that to click for drivers on Thursday, so they pulled drivers over if they weren't buckled up.

Sergeant John Moore, one of the officers patrolling the community today, made people aware about the importance of seat belt safety.

"There's one right there, I'm going to turn around and stop him... He wasn't wearing his," Sergeant Moore said.

The handout police were giving drivers today said "seat belts save over 13,000 lives every year."

"Just because you have airbags in your car doesn't mean you don't need to wear your seat belt," Sergeant Moore said.

In most places, you won't get pulled over for not wearing a seat belt, but in Dexter, they have a dollars and cents reason to get the message out.

The police department said it actually gets a Missouri Department of Transportation grant of about $10,000 for off-duty officers to focus on promoting and educating seat belt safety and usage.

"For the most part most people wear them," Sergeant Moore said.

He said Dexter police give out a lot of tickets to drivers who are usually not wearing their seat belts when they are making a quick trip to the grocery store.

It seems like the quick run to get food is sometimes overlooked the most.

"[The man pulled over] said he didn't put a seat belt on because he just left work for lunch; and was going just down the street to get his lunch, to go back to work," Sergeant Moore said.

Melanie Wilson is a mom of four who says she always makes sure she and her kids are wearing seat belts.

"I really don't understand why you wouldn't wear your seat belt... It keeps you safe, keeps your children safe."

No tickets were given - but Dexter police say they will be cracking down in the future.

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