15 Weeks – Nausea, cravings and more

15 Weeks – Nausea, cravings and more

15 Weeks Pregnant-

I thought it would be kind of fun to start a little blog where I can share my pregnancy with all of you. This will be a place where I'll try to be open and honest about my journey. Struggles and all!

Many of you may watch me grow on TV for the next several months, so I thought it might be nice to share more than just my "bump" with you! So tada "Behind the Bump" is born!

The last two weeks have been kind of hit or miss with nausea. Week 5 through 13 I was pretty much sick EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.ALL.DAY.LONG. The only time I felt good was when I was eating. =) I feel like I've come a long way from there and I can handle a few bad days a week. (Easy for me to say right now because I'm feeling good LOL)

In my early weeks of pregnancy, the only thing that even sounded good was a cheesy gordita crunch from Taco Bell! I seriously got one or sometimes two a week! Yikes! I am glad that craving passed…but man they are oh so good! Well darn, now I'm craving one again. Anyways, when I was pregnant with my first I remember loving lemonade and spinach salads. That's a 180 isn't it?! Eeeeek from spinach salads to gordita crunches, not good! Oh well! Everything in moderation! I hope I am on the upswing now and the days of feeling nauseous will continue to get less and less. Something that has been true with both of my pregnancies is I DO NOT like to watch commercials with any kind of food in them. The ones with meat really get me, I feel nauseous almost instantly and have to turn away!

I met with the doctor this week and the baby sounded great! The heart was easy to find and beating strong at a rate of 146. So far, I've gained four pounds, but it feels like SO MUCH more! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't really have a true bump until 20 weeks or so. With this one, it came much faster. I'm in that in-between stage of clothes right now. My "normal" clothes aren't very comfortable, but my maternity clothes are still too big. I would really prefer to stay in my baggy shorts and t-shirts all day but I'm pretty sure the bosses would have a bit of an issue with that. Haha! Pregnant or not…I think some of you may relate…I just hate picking out an outfit in the morning. End of story.

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